Jewelry-Closet™ Cabinet


     Mingo Custom Woods has been building fine-quality custom cabinetry for its clients since 1994. We specialize in manufacturing custom kitchen cabinetry for our customers in northwest Kansas, eastern Colorado, and southwest Nebraska. Our products have been shipped to all fifty states and several countries. Our designs range from contemporary to modern, limited only by your imagination. We offer a wide variety of wood species, from common to exotic species like teak or Brazilian rosewood. Whatever your project, be it new construction or remodeling, the professional craftsmen at Mingo Custom Woods can design and build cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, office, home theater, and much more.

     Our Jewelry-Closet™ cabinet was designed as a Christmas present for the owner’s wife in 1995. She loved it so much that the owner patented it in 1996 and began the manufacturing and world-wide distribution of Jewelry-Closet ™ Cabinets. Each one is constructed with the same careful attention to detail as the first, providing each customer with an heirloom-quality piece of furniture.