Jewelry-Closet™ Cabinet
















































Jewelry-Closet™ Cabinet

Holds 48+ Pair Earrings

Holds 24+ Necklaces

Holds 10+ Rings

Picture of ring pad



Jewelry Closet

J102 Size: 14 1/4"W x 33"L x 4"D

J102R Size:  15 3/8"W x 34 1/8"L x 4"D



Wood Type


Picture of oak wood grain


Picture of cherry wood grain


Picture of maple wood grain

Mounting Styles

Surface Mounted J103

image of wall mounted Jewelry Closet

Our surface mount cabinet will extend 4 inches from the wall.


Recessed J103R

Image of recessed jewelry closet

Our recessed cabinet is designed to mount between the studs of an interior wall, leaving only a visible framed mirror outside the wall.

Stains Available

natural oak image

Natural Oak

natural cherry image

Natural Cherry

natural maple image

Natural Maple

light oak image

Light Oak

brown cherry image

Brown Cherry

white paint image

White Paint

medium oak image

Medium Oak

burgandy cherry image

Burgandy Cherry

Lock Options

Keyed Lock

Magnetic Lock

No lock

image of keyed lock






image of magnetic lock

Your Jewelry Cabinet is locked with a magnetic lock only seen on the inside. To unlock, use a special magnet from the outside.